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From a underground smokers-den to a coffeeshop empire. The Bulldog’s success-story reads like an American dream and as such could have filled an episode of Oprah. The Bulldog No. 90 was the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam and laid the benchmark for the contemporary coffeeshop. What once began in a cellar, has grown into an ironclad trade-name with five locations and a hotel in Amsterdam, locations in Canada and a merchandising line. Beware of the Bulldog!

What Are We?

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In 1970 Henk de Vries sold his first African Grass in matchboxes at the 'Kralings Bos' pop festival in Holland. How could he have known that this would result in a company known worldwide many years later.


On December 17 th , 1975 , Henk emptied the contents of his fathers sex-shop into one of Amsterdam 's famous canals. Now he had a place for his latest experiment, the world's first coffeeshop. But what should he call it? The answer came to him in the shape of Joris, his four legged friend.


In the early days, Henk and his customers were arrested literally hundreds of times, the police-station became almost like a second home to them. When Amsterdam Police headquarters came up for sale in the mid-eighties, we knew it was time for a bold new statement, that this was a perfect place for tourists and locals alike to experiment with cannabis safely - The Palace was born, the fight for legalization continued.


Selling more beer then any other police-station in the world allowed Henk to grow (and open a whole series of Bulldogs) in the eighties and the nineties. You'd think this would be enough for anyone, but no there is more. As well as establishments all over Amsterdam (and locations in Europe and North America), single speed bicycles (with basket) are also available for hire.


Legislation? Expansion? Going abroad? More hotels? More Bulldogs, Grand Cafes, Cocktail bars, Bikes, Souvenirs? We are quietly optimistic that things will work out O.K. in the end (even if they do get a bit strange for a while), and we are happy doing what we do in the meantime....why not come to Amsterdam and visit us?


The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam – The first five star hostel in the world! Wake up in one of the highest rated hostels in the world, located in the middle of one of the most visually stunning cities in the world! The Bulldog Hostel Amsterdam is loaded with that typical international and liberal atmosphere that makes Amsterdam so special... besides other things.

The Bulldog Hotel Silver Star (Vernon, B.C., Canada) has a distinct European feel and liberal atmosphere allowing for a relaxing, yet uplifting, experience. Located on one of the most stunning mountains in Canada you can wake up right in the centre of Silver Star’s Victorian-inspired village.

In 2009, 34 years after establishing the very first cannabis coffeeshop in the world, The Bulldog Amsterdam decided to team up with some of the world's leading cannabis seed breeders to establish The Bulldog Seeds. The Bulldog Seed Company now offers a selection of 18 of the finest feminized / auto-flower / regular marijuana seed strains for a very reasonable price.

The Bulldog was established in 1975 on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam. Since the very start The Bulldog has been offering t-shirts and souvenirs. Over the years the merchandise line has expanded to a full line of textiles, caps, accessories, souvenirs, gadgets and smoker products.

The Bulldog Rolling Paper is produced by the original coffee-shop bearing the same name in Amsterdam, from the people who have been lighting up for 35 years. It was only a matter of time before a rolling paper came available with the purpose of achieving the best burn.